Hub of the Asian cultural contents,

Keyeast Co., LTD

Keyeast Co., LTD is an enterprise that gives new visions and increases vlues in Asian cultural contents industry.
With the best business know-how we acquired from our practical experiences gained around various
places in Asia, we assured a secure place in different contents bussinesses including celebrity management,
MD/licensing, visual contents planning/production, event/performance, investment and media platforms,
and we started to take the first step as a "No.1 cultural entertainment contents enterprise that leads Asia."
with diverse businesses as a basis, we will develop cultural entertainment contents, play a role as
a pioneer in international market and research and invest endlessly in core cultural contents development
and distribution that can make Asian culture as one, so we could be an enterprise that standsin the center of
Asian cultural contents industry.
  • Name of companyKeyeast Co,.LTD
  • Date of estallishmentOctober 8, 1996
  • CEOPark. Seong-hye, Shin. pil-soon
  • Tel02-3444-2002
  • Fax02-3444-4290, 02-3444-2549